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The AutoSport Simulator features a Sparco racing bucket seat with a harness and buckle, a quick-release system with several types of racing steering wheels, hydraulic or carbon- fibre pedals, a sequential gearbox, a number of adjustable displays and gauges, a telemetry recorder and a high-end computer to display the simulation on three full-HD screens. Plus a high performance audio system. A cutting-edge training tool which many racing drivers are using now
Cutting-edge components
Come and test your skills against your friends, computer-generated opponents or best lap times.
AutoSport Simulator
                                                                                  If you need to practise for an                                                                                   upcoming racing event or if you wish                                                                                   to have some fun with friends, the                                                                                   AutoSport Simulator will meet and                                                                                   exceed your expectations. A team of                                                                                   software and electronics engineers                                                                                   has come up with one of the most                                                                                   advanced high-definition simulations                                                                                   with a refresh rate of 250 updates                                                                                   per second; this is the best any price                                                                                   level has to offer. Owing to the use of various technologies, the system delivers a most accurate simulation of real-life driving. Most importantly, it affects the inner ear, i.e. the sense of balance, creating the feeling of active motion. The technique combines with subtle impacts that engage with your body weight to generate the corresponding pressure. It finally connects the pressure generated by body weight and the inputs to the centre of balance with kinesthesia.
As close to reality as is possible
No simulator is capable of delivering all the forces, twisting, and other motions that a racing car can. The goal, then, is to fool the brain so that it perceives those inputs in a convincing manner. The key to forming the corresponding tension in the muscles is the decision not to move the wheel and pedals, only the driver. While braking, the user can feel their wrists and forearms experiencing forces similar to real-life driving. Simulators that try to move the entire driver's cabin (including the steering wheel) would be able to replicate these pressures only if such systems were able to deliver the same load as an actual vehicle and if they were able to maintain those loads for a certain time.
The software offers a most vivid simulation of a car's dynamics, which will be appreciated by experienced drivers and especially racing drivers during their preparation for racing events. Less experienced drivers and children will enjoy the activation of assisting systems, such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, automatic gearbox and others that deliver an easy, fun driving experience. Everything is customisable to suit your needs.
Practice without fear
Be you a motorsport fan or a professional racer, you will benefit from the opportunities the simulator offers in practising and testing a number of situations which would, in a real-life car, result in considerable financial expenses for repair and subsequent servicing. Try and practise on racing circuits from all over the world in the most trying of conditions, extend your driving limits and become a more dynamic driver. The third axis and lateral motion systems will show you what it means to go "sideways" or when the cars spins. You will also enjoy situations such as drifting, taking turns "sideways", using the handbrake and lateral impact. This makes the racing simulator an effective tool for simulating real-life situations that occur at the wheel.
Information on available cars and tracks:
Car model
Most car-racing games, including expansion software packs - datadisks, which could be considered racing simulators have only advanced to the point where the only realistic feature is the car model. The real question is whether these cars also realistically handle. Realistic car handling, including the driving dynamics, requires precise data. That is why AutoSport Simulator has very closely cooperated with leading car manufacturers and racing car designers to obtain precise weight information as well as detailed car dimensions. The simulator uses direct input from CAD data obtained from accurate 3-D laser scanning or from physically disassembling the actual car, where the components are measured and weighed, including the axles, shock absorbers, brake system components, etc. Building a racing car concerns not just the assembly of components and, similarly, a detailed simulation is not just precise sizing and weighing. To make the vehicle run as required and to make the racing machine the best in its class, all components need to be tuned and adjusted; the same is required to make the simulation work and perform like a real car. brings life to the physics of the engine, tires and all other data. It is more than a precise model of a stock car, a Formula 1 car, or a rally car. It has developed into a complex set of interconnected mechanical systems that affect a number of constantly changing forces which affect the handling of the car just like in reality, where the laws of physics rule. It is real because mathematics and physics are real.
Physics in the game
The difference between products of the past and today's hyper-accurate AutoSport Simulator is in the massive level of detail in the physics of the game. The physics of the game is built on a complex system of mathematical functions which are a precise rendering of dynamic forces, using precise calculations from the action and reaction data. This system of immediate calculations was built by and developed in a three-dimensional sphere of reality: a virtual world the physical laws of which are identical to those of the real world. With over 20 issued racing simulations produced (with more than a dozen collecting major awards in the field), Dave Kaemmer and his team are the world leaders in mapping multi-element systems, their calculations and delivering the final effect in motion. Kaemmer's constant search for accuracy has led him to creating his own model of the tire. This reflects in the physics of the tire - in the physical forces under load and in bends. It is the next dimension in the accuracy of the experience.
The mission of AutoSport Simulator when using the experience is simple: each lap of the simulation track must be identical to each lap in a real-life sports car on a real-life race track. To deliver the exceptionally high level of driving realism, AutoSport Simulator uses its pioneering, proprietary application of 3-D laser scanning technology. The AutoSport Simulator team visited each of the tracks, scanned it with laser and took thousands of photos of even the smallest details on the tracks.
Laser scanning
AutoSport Simulator accurately copies all physical properties of each racing track and its surface. The laser scanning technology creates a mathematical "raised-relief" map of the track, its arching, cracks, kerb, surroundings, even patching of the tarmac. The combination of this precise mathematical mapping, many super-accurate photographs of the track and top-of-the-class mapping software delivers a very, very powerful tool. The tool allows all drivers, even those possessing the best skills in motorsport, to use the virtual time results and improve their driving skills on real-life tracks in the real world.